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Bichon Charnett homepage


Our present Bichon team include my husband Roman, my grandaughter Natalka, aunt Helena, me  Ivana – the owner of the kennel Charnett and friendly families which are reserve families for some of our Bichones.Aunt Helena takes care about Natalka and our dogs when we aren´t at home. Kennel Charnett was established in 1982. Before we bred German Shepherds. But after I moved to flat and was impossible to breed this large breed. We decided to breed Schanuzer. We have bred litter A – litter T. That is 21 litters. We have bred some very nice and succesfull dogs. In 1991 I fall in love with Dandie Dinmont Terier. I bought male TERRINKA ERWIN EFRAIM. In his time he was the top DDT showing male and top stud male. Present days many of DDT has this succesfull dog in pedigree. After I have very short etap of my breeding Havanese.I bought one female PILLOWTALK´S HEARBREAKER she was 6.5 years old when i bought her and she enjoy her life till 17 years. After this all it happened …There came 1997 year I was absolutly sure that that´s the right breed for me – Bichon ! I was at the end of my searching way ! Lont time I was looking for right breed for me and I found it.Beautiful and lovely dogs ! VIVAT BICHON !!!

What type of Bichone we want to breed you can read in article ,,AIM OF OUR BREEDING“. Puppies we give all care we would give them and especialy great socialization. We never rescue not ailing puppies. This rescue puppies are mostly not healthy and their life is not so long. Nature always does what she wants to do and you can´t stop it !
Our home include 3-4 dogs. We want that they will feel like a real member of our family. And after that we are sure that we can give them all care, passion and love which they always gave us back. The rest of Bichon we use for breeding are co-owned with us. That means we are using them in breeding and we show them. Sometimes they ahve a puppies but their normal life is with their own loving family. Dogs living with us have absolut freedom. Just puppies are bred in puppy plan (quite a big one) just because their safety. Two times a day they can go out to run and to used to all noises. All our puppies are socialization and learnt hygienic habit.

Puppies bought in our kennel is out of parents champions, because it is our ambition and we like shows. It is also only one way how verify to what degree we go on the right way. Propably your puppy will be with show presumpions. Even after all this we want that your puppy will be bought in our kennel as your friend. If you will enjoy shows and your puppy will be ,,without mistakes´´ than just welcome in showing life ! You must enjoy shows with all good and bad what can happend you there. Our puppies are sold with sell-agreement, puppy pack of food, Pet Passport, all vactination need it in time when puppy leave us, they got paste to not have warms – 3 times and tatoo. After our reproof you can order cosmetics. And also have a grooming in our saloon if the distance is possible for you. After reproof your puppy could be chiped. If you will buy puppy from our kennel we wish you many nice moments with your new friend !

All articles ,,about us´´ is just our opinion !