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Fin of our breeding :

We want to breed Bichons which have got :

- excellent quality of the coat
- white coat
- excellent nose pigment, eyelid, paws and black talon
- short format of body
- litlle higher legs
- noble-minded neg
- correct set tail
- correct angulation and spacious movement infront and also in the back
- correct bite and full dentition
- balance proportion of head, flat head, lovely view
- male 26 - 28cm high
- female 25 - 27cm high (from my experiences i knew that if you have a smaller Bichon than they missed the nice movement, which is typical for Bichon. And also the head is too roll, eyes look like out of and you can see the white of eye and eye fear !
The neck is short too and the head look like to be placed on the shoulder…
- we prefer healthy vitality and friendly character with dogs and people. Our offsprings aren´t agresive and afraid !
- if we are searching for potencional stud male : We take a look at all aspects ! Not standard Bichons and not succesfull ones  we never use for breeding !

We have been trying to work in this succesfull way for long time and I hope we will be for more. We try to use many different stud males for our females and we try to do different litters too. We continue in line-breeding especialy of kennel Kynismar.
To present days we have bred 63 litters where were born 239 puppies – 119 males and 120 females.
We used 15 stud males and 17 females !

All the endeavour  we have or we would like to have  for breeding  we have to count that there is also the ,,nature´´.And sometimes ,,thanks´´ to the nature all plans are gone . In this situacion is poor breeder surprised and you can´t believe in it !

This article is our andeavour and our opinion for our breeding !

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