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breeder: Kreckova Jarmila, born 19.5.1998   (pedigree)

Czech Champion
Slovakian Champion
Austrian Champion
Polish Champion
Switzerland Champion
Club champion CZ, Club champion SK,
3x Bundessieger
Czech Junior Champion
Czech Veteran Champion, Slovakian Veteran Champion, WORLD WINNER VETERAN 2009

European Junior winner 1999 + BOB judge: Mrs. P.Hekkinen-Lehkonen - FIN (first bichon who got any tituls at European dog show in history of Czech breeding)
Best Veteran Bichon at European dog show 2005 + BOB (First Bichon in Europe which got  at European dog show BOB out of Veteran class )
ViceWorld winner 2000, ViceEuropean winner 2000
Winner of Middle and Eastern Europe 2005

4. place at  Champion of Champions  2000, 3. place at Champion of Champions 2001

Club winner 1999 + BOB – judge : Brukner J. (Germany)
Club winner 2000 + BOB – judge : Stepnickova G. (CZ)
Club winner 2001 + BOB - judge: Mr. Kozbej (PL)
Club winner 2007 + BOB – judge : Stepnickova G. (CZ) He was 9.5 years old !
Speciality winner 2000 + BOB - judge: Stepnickova G.(CZ)
Speciality winner 2001            - judge : Jilkova Z. (CZ)
Speciality winner 2002 + BOB - judge : Stepnickova G.
Speciality winner 2005 + BOB – judge : Ubrova L. (CZ) This titul he got at 7 years.

6 x BIS  (Winner of all show), 3x res BIS
16x BIG (Winner of group FCI 9.), many times in  FCI-9
1x BIS PUPPY (Best puppy at the show)
8x BIS JUNIOR (Best junior at the show), 2x res. BIS JUNIOR
3x BIS VETERÁN (Best Veteran at the show), 3x res.BIS VETERÁN
4. place at Champion of Champions 2000
3. place at Champion of Champions 2001
Multiplex winner of     CAC      CACIB     BOB
Waiting for champion of Germany and VDH champ. And Veteran Champion of Austria
26x   1. - with different females in competition – Best Couple at show

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Gigolo is snow white male with full dentition and scisor bite.He has got ideal format. Good angulation infront and behind – this gave him the excellent movement he is very famous for ! This wonderfull movement he gave to his offsprings. In his pedigree you can find dogs from very prestigious English kennel Kynismar. Write about Gigolo is uselessly, because his offsprings ,,talking ´´ about him in section – Champions of Charnett kennel. I would like to mention his character. He has never destroy anything, he never annoy me and he was always naturaly obedient :-)). He is obliging to any people and animals.

Result of heart tests: negative (here)
Eyes test: negative (
Patella test: negative 0/0 (

GIGOLO BLANC Ze Zlate Jalny number Czech republic abroad
GIGOLO has been breeding till present days 117 101 16
pregnant females 107 90 16
puppies 417 348 69
puppies - males 237 192 45
puppies - females 180 156 24
not pregnant females 10 10 ---
mated females 0 0 0

Average number of puppies in litter is 3,8897.
On the date 4.1.2010

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